Branchminds LogoAI Research Assistant to find Web links related to
your Notion Content.

A widget that is embedded right within your Notion that will read from your Notion content to help you to research and find relevant Web links in the topics that you care about.



Notion is your workspace where you take notes and brainstorm ideas.
Branchminds is a research assistant that helps you to read your existing ideas and find relevant links in the entire Web, right there in your workspace.

Embedded within your Notion.

Branchminds is embedded within your Notion, so that you can use it to find Web links on the go while you're working. You no longer have to switch tabs between Notion and other tools.

Screenshot of embedding Branchminds within your Notion.

Pull content from Notion.

Branchminds will pull content directly from the Notion page that you've specified and use it to find relevant Web links. You can insert it into an existing Notion page and it will start doing its magic.

Screenshot of pulling content from Notion for generation

Associate your notes with Web links.

Write notes within Notion for the topics that you are interested in and let Branchminds help you to research and crawl relevant links from the entire Web.

Screenshot of associate and find relevant Web links.

Generate and brainstorm.

Tell the AI what content you would like to generate. It can generate from the inputs you give it or generate a completion to your Notion content. Use it to brainstorm and infuse fresh ideas.

Screenshot of generate and brainstorm.
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Branchminds wants to be an assistant for your thought.
To help you to surface up relevant ideas in your workspaces.
To help you to become smarter.

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